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The smart casual dress code: what it is and how to format it

Have you ever been invited to a party where it was stated that the dress code should be smart but casual or in other words smart casual? It can be a little confusing knowing what outfit to wear. I mean, most of us know what casual casual wear is and what formal wear looks like, but putting it all together in one style is a bit tricky, don’t you think?

Therefore, we decided to dedicate this article to explaining and showing what Smart Casual looks like and how you can adopt this style effortlessly.
The smart casual style requires formal but comfortable attire. Balance is essential for the perfect look. When choosing your outfit for an event with this outfit, try to choose items that look great but are also comfortable.
Now let us show you the difference between smart casual and other types of clothing style:

Business casual style

Mistakes are often made when dressing smart casual for work because of the casual dress code of the workplace itself. There are differences between the two, although many outfits can go with either type (formal wear and smart casual wear). For example, smart casual may be more trendy while formal wear usually requires a more conservative look.

For different occasions, such as dinners, weddings, business events and more, smart casual wear is the must-have. So fortunately, the nature of the occasion can help you decide what to wear. So, keep the occasion and other guests in mind when choosing your casual, formal and elegant attire.


Smart Casual dressing for dinner

Have you been invited to a Smart Casual dinner? Don’t worry. All you have to do is combine basic pieces, such as black trousers, with more daring pieces, such as an off-the-shoulder shirt, to get the perfect look. Make sure to choose a nice pair of shoes to match this style, whether it’s heels or elegant boots. Moreover, you can always adopt a coat especially in the winter season.

Coordinating smart casual clothes at parties

Smart casual wedding attire can be tricky because you don’t want to look like you’re not dressed appropriately for the event. Choosing an elegant dress in an attractive style may help you attract attention. Wear it with medium heels and simple jewellery.

Smart Casual Coordination for work

The elegant casual style of clothing is becoming more and more popular in offices and companies today. Smart casual is more adaptable than business formal attire. So, even if you still need to look formal in your attire, there’s no reason why you can’t dress smart. Consider wearing a skirt instead of your regular pants, or a dressy suit if you feel like it.

Smart Casual Coordination for morning outings

Getting dressed for the day doesn’t have to be difficult, whether you’re going to a casual meeting for work or an afternoon out for brunch with your friends. Unlike formal gatherings like weddings or dinners, you can wear anything for a normal everyday gathering. Thus, everything from jeans and an elegant blouse to midi skirts and casual suits can be appropriate.

Coordinating dresses in smart casual clothes

It all comes down to choosing a suitable dress for the event you are going to. To achieve this, choose a modern style in a neutral color, such as black or white, or such as a shirt or dress with a wrap style that flatters your figure. If you want to wear a long dress, make sure it is tailored and that the design does not reveal too much of your legs.

Coordinating jeans with smart casual wear

Although tailored dress pants are the obvious choice for smart casual style, jeans can also be worn. Choosing a high quality pair and pairing it with the right pieces will elevate these casual jeans to a higher level. To do this, start by choosing a pair of slim fit or skinny jeans in a dark color, such as indigo or black. Make sure it isn’t torn either. Then, to complete the look, team jeans with a smart blouse, jacket and a pair of heels.

Formal jacket coordination in Smart Casual

An excellent way to upgrade your casual style into a smart casual style is to add a smart jacket. Simply put, a casual jacket or blazer jacket is a great choice.

Coordinating bags in smart casual clothes

No outfit is complete without a stylish bag, just make sure to choose a bag design that complements your smart casual look. It can be a tote bag, basket bag, mini bag, handbag, or any other type of bag. In terms of things to stay away from, consider leaving your casual backpacks and structured work bags like your laptop bag at home.

Coordinating shoes in smart casual clothes

Choosing the perfect pair of shoes is crucial if you want to achieve an elegant casual style. Experiment with choosing shoes that are dressy and functional to ensure that your look is appropriately dressy without appearing overly formal. For this type of outfit, pumps, wedges, ballerinas, and loafers are all great options.

We hope you now understand more about Smart Casual and how to create outfits for a variety of occasions. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us and we will provide you with all the information you will need.

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